Malahide Family Friendly Bike Rides – 1. Malahide Castle Perimeter

Santa is busy every year delivering bikes to children in Malahide and across the world

Santa delivers a new bike to practically every child in Ireland at some time in their childhood. Where can you go for a family friendly bike ride? Where can you relax knowing that little Mikey or Mollie can learn to ride their bike in safety.

Welcome to the first in our series of Malahide family friendly bike rides. Enjoy! You may view all our bike rides here. If you prefer walking – see our series of Malahide Looped Walks.

Please remember – Paths within our parks are “share with care”. When passing pedestrians from behind, let’s slow down, tinkle our bells from about 20 metres – smile and say hello.

Malahide Castle perimeter – share with care family bike ride – Click to view details:

The “Share with care” paths in Malahide Castle are the perfect place for a family friendly bike ride. At quiet times (you need to choose carefully), the coach car park, marked in pink, is a good place to teach kids how to ride a bike.

The perimeter path is just over 4k but there are many permutations and combinations in this wonderful facility. This route takes you through beautiful woods – with lots of places to stop and enjoy for the whole family.

Family walking and cycling in Malahide Demesne

Look out for the growing collection of carvings that are being added to all the time. See if you can find them…

Guarding the Castle

Length: 4 km (loop)
Surface: Mix of paved and crushed ash paths (good drainage after rain)
Difficulty: Easy
Segregation: Fully off-road (beware of some vehicles accessing car parks and making deliveries to Avoca etc. )

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