The Malahide Community Forum has as an objective to improve the availability of short and long-term parking and the flow of traffic through the village.

Short-term parking
The introduction in 2002 of a controlled parking zone is generally viewed as a success enabling people to access the shops and other businesses on a short-term basis.

Long-term parking
Day long parking is provided along the Coast Rd and on Bath Avenue at a cost of €2 per day.  However, the level of occupancy is low and people continue to park further out in the free zone.  It has been proposed by Malahide Community Forum  to reduce/eliminate these charges. 

The Bridgefield car park continues to be the preferred site for a small increase of long-stay parking close to the village.  FCC introduced parking charges of €1 per hour on 3 February 2011, with the first hour free, in the original sized car park, having initially proposed a very large extension.  The car park is open 24 hours daily and is free between 6pm and 8am and all day Sunday.  Fingal Development Plan has as one of its objectives “to develop a car parking strategy for the town including both underground and surface parking” and the Malahide Community Forum must encourage the realisation of this as a short/medium-term objective.