Keeping New Street family friendly and alcohol free

New Street Malahide

Fingal county council has pedestrianised New Street for a 10 week pilot project. We wish the project well. However, many residents have expressed concern that the pedestrianisation of New Street will result in alcohol consumption on the street. The Malahide Community Forum wrote to an Garda Siochana seeking reassurance. We received the following reply from Superintendent Gerard Donnelly.

I can confirm that I as District Officer and the Licencing Inspector for this District met with Fingal County Council and Representatives of local Publicans on 24th June 2020 to reiterate An Garda Siochana’s stance that the serving and consumption of alcohol on New Street, Malahide will not be permitted. All parties concerned were in agreement with this stance. This situation will be monitored to ensure compliance.

You may read the full text of our query and Superintendent Donnelly’s reply here. 

If you observe law breaking of any nature, please let the Gardai know. The Malahide Garda station phone number is: (01) 666 4600

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Cooperation with Malahide Tidy Towns

Plants replaced with shrubs at triangle near Malahide Tennis Club by Malahide Tidy Towns

We’re fortunate in Malahide to have a very active Tidy Towns committee that works tirelessly to keep our village looking beautiful and regularly wins Tidy Town awards.

The cancellation, due to Covid-19, of this year’s Tidy Towns competition has not dampened the enthusiasm of our Tidy Towns volunteers, as witnessed by the beautiful shrubs at the triangle near Malahide Tennis club and many other projects around the village.

The Malahide Community Forum and Malahide Tidy Towns share the objective of making Malahide an even better place to live, visit, work and do business.

We believe that we can achieve even more by working together.

If you would like to get involved with Malahide Tidy Towns, please send an email to

If you would like to join the Malahide Community Forum – contact us.   

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Latest Notes

Here are the notes for June 2020.

The notes of our previous meetings are available on our monthly notes page.

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Bike parking Malahide – where would you like new bike racks?

Time to have your say – where would you like additional bicycle parking in Malahide?

Bike parking stands

Fingal county council has ordered 400 bike racks, with 1/3 due to be installed this month (June 2020) based on suggestions from FCC staff, councillors, and the public. Locations already decided include Low rock.

What do you think? Perhaps at each park entrance (Estuary park, Robswall park, Malahide Demesne)? What about along the coast road – at Biscayne, Seapark, Island view etc.?

We’ll be asking for bike racks near local shops, to enable residents to stay local, shop local and shop by bike.

Let us know in the comments below – we will collate your feedback and pass it on to the council.

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Lets share our parks and roads with care

Family walking and cycling in Malahide Demesne

Family walking and cycling in Malahide Demesne

One silver lining of this challenging time is to see so many people out walking, jogging and cycling. We’re fortunate in Malahide to have Robswall Park (Paddy’s Hill), Malahide Demesne and Estuary Park, with lots of green spaces between.  We need to share space with care as we walk, jog, bike and drive, respecting the needs of children, vulnerable and mobility impaired people.

When walking…
Let’s remember to drop to single file and observe 2 metres social / physical distancing.

When jogging…
In many of our parks, the council has cut grass paths around beautiful wild meadows. Where possible, let’s jog on the grass and leave paved paths for vulnerable and mobility impaired park users.

When biking…
Paths within our parks are “share with care”. When passing pedestrians from behind, let’s slow down, tinkle our bells from about 20 metres – smile and say hello.

Cycling from Tennis lesson in Malahide Demesne Tennis Courts - Helen Jack Charlie

Heading home after tennis lesson in Malahide Demesne

When driving…
We need to look out for people on bikes, especially children. Our parks provide safe places to cycle, but until we have segregated cycle lanes we all have to cycle on roads to get to our parks. Let’s slow down and give people on bikes plenty of space when overtaking. Let’s also think before we park – cars parked on footpaths make social distancing more difficult and cause serious issues for our mobility and visually impaired residents.

Cycling to Malahide Demesne over Railway Bridge - younger people

Young people cycling to Malahide Demesne over the railway bridge

Note: The Malahide Community Forum is working with Fingal County Council to link our parks and green spaces to enable residents and visitors to walk and cycle more safely between them. We’re also working on the development of walking / cycling routes to local schools, clubs and shops.


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Latest notes

Here are the notes for May 2020.

The notes of our previous meetings are available on our monthly notes page.

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Kill your speed – not our nannas

Kill You Speed Not Our Nanas

Sign on Back Road Malahide – opposite entrance to Malahide Demesne

May 22nd was national slow down day.

Despite the lockdown, road deaths are higher this year than last – 56 people have been killed to date – 30% pedestrians. As the sign says:  “Kill your speed – not our nannas”.

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What’s your opinion regarding the planning application for Westbury Club, The Green Malahide?

Do you have an opinion on the planning application for the site of The Westbury Club, The Green, Malahide for 26 apartments?

If so, the planning sub-committee of the Malahide Community Forum would like to hear from you (via our Contact Us page) as they are preparing a submission to Fingal County Council regarding this application. We include below images of the site layout and elevations of the proposed development.

00659378 Westbury Club The Green Malahide - planning application document - Site Layout Image

Site Layout

00659316 Westbury Club The Green Malahide - planning application document - Elevations


00659317 Westbury Club The Green Malahide - planning application document - Front and Side - East Elevation

Front and Side (East) Elevation

00659482 Westbury Club The Green Malahide - planning application document - Rear and Side - West Elevation

Rear and Side (West) Elevation

You may view the planning application on the Fingalcoco planning page – Planning Application reference F20A/0171.


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Latest Notes

Here are the notes for April 2020.

The notes of our previous meetings are available on our monthly notes page.

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New Street to become pedestrian zone to facilitate social distancing

New Street Malahide - Google Streetview

Unfortunately, social distancing is likely to be with us for the foreseeable future. Those of us who shop in Malahide village will have found that social distancing can be difficult to do when queuing outside shops, or attempting to pass queues that form on footpaths outside shops. Some people are stepping into the street which can put themselves in danger.

As you can see from the Google Street view image above, New Street currently has four road lanes, parking on both sides and a narrow footpath on each side.

On Saturday 26th April, Fingal county council published a plan to facilitate Social Distancing in the Public Realm across Fingal. New Street Malahide is one of eight initial locations identified across Fingal. New Street will be temporarily closed to traffic, with the exception of access for deliveries and emergency services. Parking will also be temporarily removed from the northern side of Main Street, from The Diamond to the junction with Townyard Lane – outside Bank of Ireland, Supervalu, Kerrigans etc.

While no date is indicated, it is likely that these temporary changes will be implemented quite quickly. The council will monitor the changes for effectiveness.

The Malahide forum has asked member residents associations for feedback which we will pass to Fingalcoco. Based on initial feedback, we will be asking Fingalcoco to facilitate social distancing:

  • In the area of the Marina, which has been restricted and reduced by the hoarding erected around the Village Green
  • On the northern side of Main Street, from junction with Old Street to The Diamond

The proposed temporary changes will pose challenges for retailers in the village. As a community, we can help by shopping local at every opportunity.

So what will a pedestrianised New Street be like?

In 1982, Grafton Street was fully pedestrianised after a prolonged trial period that started in 1971. (see RTE report). Traders in the area initially resisted the idea. Could New Street become the Grafton Street of Malahide? Only time will tell.

Grafon Street 1971 - 2003 - pedestrianised in 1982


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