Malahide looped walks – Stay Active – Stay Safe – Stay Healthy

Malahide walks – Stay Active – Stay Safe – Stay Healthy

Update June 2021: Please be aware that two of the 9 mapped walks are now closed (4 & 6).

Update Jan 2021: We’re all shell-shocked at the rise in Covid-19 cases. We must all do our best to “stay at home” – but we must also stay active. One tip for making social distancing easier is to ‘Wear wellies and take to the mud’!!! Where possible, leave the paved paths for those who need them most. A number of the looped walks below are very muddy at this time of year. While Malahide Castle (walk 2 below) has lots of paved walks – it’s full of muddy trails where you can splash to your heart’s content – go on, you know you’ll love it.
End of Update Jan 2021:

We all know that staying active is critical to our physical and mental health, especially during this challenging time.

To help residents to stay active, we’re publishing a series of “Malahide Looped Walks”, kindly mapped by local resident Stephen Macdonagh. Remember, as these are looped walks, you can start at any point in Malahide and join the walk at your nearest access point. (We’ve also started a series of Malahide Family Friendly bike rides).

For a longer walk, simply combine walk 2 (a walk in the Castle) with any of the other walks. Please remember to share our paths roads and parks with care.

1. Seamount and Paddy’s Hill – 6km – Paved paths

2. Malahide Castle Perimeter – 4km – Mix of paved and crushed ash path

3. Back Strand, Sea Road and Yellow Walls – 3km – Paved paths 

4. Abington, Streamstown and Castle – 3km – Some mud paths (very muddy in winter)
[Sadly, this walk was closed in June 2021]

5. Portmarnock village and beach – 3.6km / 14km – Mix of beach and paved paths

6. Seapark Hill to Seamount Road – Variation of walk 1: Steep, muddy
[FCC has temporarily closed this walk to facilitate the provision of a new park – it is expected to re-open in September 2021]

7. Malahide Fairy Forts Trail – Not Looped – Approx 4km end to end – paved paths

8. Back Estuary, Seabury and Swords Road – 7.8km – Paved paths (some steps)

9. Malahide Beach – 4km – Mix of paved paths, beach and grassy paths

About Stephen Macdonagh:

When asked to join the committee of St Sylvester’s GAA Healthy Club section in 2018 local retired teacher Stephen MacDonagh decided that the best way to contribute would be to form a local walking group to explore looped walks in the area. A group of about twenty walkers set out once a month, with the aim of encouraging people in the locality to get out and walk on a regular basis. Week after week more walkers tagged along and it wasn’t unusual to hear the comment “I’ve lived here for twenty years and I’ve never been down this way before!”

When Covid 19 struck  earlier this year, social distancing guidelines meant that walking in groups was no longer practical so Stephen decided to map his favourite walks to enable walkers to get exercise locally  and enjoy and explore the wonderful walks we have in our locality.

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