Malahide Looped Walks – 6. Seapark Hill to Seamount Road

View of Lambay island from green space between Seapark Hill and Seamount Road

Update June 2021:
Fingal county council has temporarily closed the connection from Seapark Hill to Seamount Road to facilitate the provision of a new park with associated paths. The council hopes to have the work completed in time for school reopening in September.
End of Update.

This is a variation of our first walk (marked in blue on the map) by Stephen Macdonagh (Looped Walk 1 – Seamount and Paddy’s Hill).  See all Malahide Looped Walks.

We’ve added a route from the coast to Seamount Road, over Seapark Hill that enables you to extend or reduce the length of your walk as you wish. The route is marked in yellow and purple on the map. This is a “challenging” route, with some steep hills and awkward access points (see photos below).

The yellow line shows the walk uphill from the coast, through The Moorings, to the top of Seapark Hill. While a bit steep, this is a relatively simple part of the walk.

The purple line shows a route between Seapark Hill and Seamount Road through the former Malahide golf links course (which will become a new park for Malahide – shown in green in the map). There are great views of Lambay island from this hidden wilderness).

When you leave the green space, you will see a building site hoarding. Turn left at this hoarding. The route continues along the hoarding to join Seamount Road.

As of December 2020, this route is a mud path, used to walk to and from school daily by over 60 students of Malahide Community School (including students from Seapark, The Moorings, Island View, Muldowney Court and Biscayne).

In its current informal state, this beautiful green space is suffering from ongoing anti-social behaviour. The Malahide Community Forum is supporting local residents to get Fingal County Council to formalise this route and make it safer (as part of our “Safe Routes To School” initiative). If you see anything suspicious please contact the Malahide Garda Station at 6664600.

Malahide Tidy Towns recently organised a clean up of the green space

Please note that the grassy bank at the top of Seapark Hill is steep so care should be taken when ascending or descending. 

Informal access from Seapark Hill to the former Malahide Golf Links – Steep and muddy during winter months
Access to route from Seamount Road – the route runs along the hoarding to Green Space at top

Length: Original looped walk: 6 km (additional route allows you to lengthen or shorten)
Surface: The route marked in purple is a mud path, with steep sections – not wheelchair accessible
Footwear: Hiking boots or strong walking shoes.

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