It’s a dog’s life – thanks – but please activate pedestrian lights

Life for dogs in Malahide recently got even better, with the addition of a dog walking track complete with water fonts to a quiet corner of Malahide Demesne.

We welcome and thank Fingal county council for the ongoing improvements to Malahide Demesne. We’re lucky to have wonderful parks, beaches and green spaces in Malahide and across Fingal.

We ask the council to please provide safe access to local amenities, especially for the vulnerable, mobility impaired, pedestrians and children / families on bikes.

We specifically ask the council to turn on the new pedestrian lights at Ashwood Hall on The Back Road, which were installed over 6 months ago, before the pandemic started.
We thanked the council in March for “connecting communities to amenities” – little did we imagine that 6 months later, with traffic back to pre-pandemic levels, that these lights would still not be turned on. The lack of a safe crossing is forcing residents with small children to drive the 350 metres to the park, adding unnecessary traffic and congestion to the area.

The council has informed us that the issue lies with the ESB. Be that as it may, we ask the council, on behalf of the residents of Ashwood Hall, to liase with the relevant bodies to get these lights turned on immediately.

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1 Response to It’s a dog’s life – thanks – but please activate pedestrian lights

  1. Anna says:

    Hi! I understand this concern but the crossing is even worse from Kinsealy Lane to the castle area. We have traffic coming from both side on Back Road, and also from Kinsealy Lane. That means traffic from 3 directions, while the traffic coming from Garden House have very limited visibility over anyone crossing the road from Kinsealy Lane. This ‘crossing’ is just waiting for a big accident to happen. It is crossed constantly by all pedestrians living on Kinsealy Lane and beyond, including small children on bikes and scooters, older people, parents pushing buggies or double buggies, etc. We have been told by traffic planners that to safely cross Back Road to the castle, we should walk through Castle Way to Ashwood Hall, and to use the traffic lights from Ashwood Hall. This has two issues: 1) The road is not open between Castle Way and Ashwood Hall, and 2) as per the original post, the traffic lights aren’t in use. This will also add a lot of pedestrian traffic to Castle Way and Ashwood Hall, not sure how happy residents would be about this?

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