Latest Notes

Here are the notes for August 2020.

The notes of our previous meetings are available on our monthly notes page.

Latest Notes

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  1. Joan Donnelly says:


    Under the heading Pathway/Cycleway Development, you mention that an MCF member from Seabury ‘outlined the issues facing his own school etc’ which implies the person was in attendance at your monthly meeting. I’ve no problem with that per se, but I thought only Residents Association nominated reps attended monthly meetings. Seabury has not had a Residents Association for quite a few years now, so how can an individual attend MCF monthly meetings. I am an individual member of MCF because we have no Residents Association, but thought individual members could only attend the AGM? Does someone get special permission to attend with a particular issue? Am I right in thinking individual members cannot attend monthly meetings?

    • Hi Joan, thank you for your query. Individual members may attend monthly meetings.

      • Joan Donnelly says:

        Thanks for your reply. I wasn’t aware that individual members could attend monthly meetings. I would like to attend, so can you arrange that I get notification of the next meeting?

        Many thanks
        Joan Donnelly

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