Connecting communities to amenities

It’s great to share a good news story in these challenging times!

There’s now a brand new footpath connecting Ashwood Hall on the Back Road to the playground entrance at Malahide Demesne. New footpath at Back Road Playground Car park entrance The timing could not be better, as due to COVID-19, all car parks in Malahide Demesne have had to temporarily close, and visitors are required to enter on foot, by bicycle, or by scooter as in the photo.

There’s also a new set of pedestrian lights (which we hope to see activated in the coming weeks) at Ashwood Hall, enabling residents to cross the increasingly busy Back Road where some drivers are unfortunately exceeding the current 60km / hour limit.    New Pedestrian Lights Ashwood Hall - Back Road Malahide

The new infrastructure was installed thanks to the efforts of the Ashwood Hall residents who contacted Fingal county council explaining their need for the path and pedestrian traffic lights.

The Malahide Community forum would like to thank the Ashwood Hall residents and the staff in Fingal county council for making this happen. It demonstrates the power of residents coming together. It illustrates how effective communication and cooperation between residents and Fingal county council helps us make Malahide and Fingal an even better place to live, work, visit and do business.

As we’re learning in this COVID-19 emergency, we’re all in this together.

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