Malahide Family Bike Rides: 3. Robswall Park

Robswall Park (with link to Malahide Castle) – Click for Details:

Welcome to the third in our series of Malahide family bike rides. You may view all our bike rides here. If you prefer walking – see our series of Malahide Looped Walks.

Please remember – Paths within our parks and green spaces are “share with care”. When passing pedestrians from behind, let’s slow down, tinkle our bells from about 20 metres – smile and say hello.

Family entering Robswall Park to walk, scoot and bike

Robswall Park (aka Paddy’s Hill) was opened to the public in 2007. The park connects the communities of Portmarnock and Malahide. Paddy’s Hill is the highest point in the park, with great views of Howth, Ireland’s eye and Lambay Island.

The Robswall Park bike ride is approx 2.5km long. In the map, we show it starting at the access point to Robswall Park from Jameson Orchard, which was opened in October 2019. This new path provides a crucial “active travel” route enabling schoolchildren from Robswall to more safely walk or bike to Malahide Community School, avoiding having to take the far longer route along the coast road and through the village.

You may enter Robswall park at any of 5 access points shown on the map, from Robswall estate (2 gates); Robswall playgound; Portmarnock (Limetree Avenue) or the Coast Road. Click into the map to see more details (to zoom in, see photos etc.).

Robswall Park Playground – with bike and car parking – located beside Gannon Park

Be aware – some of the paths in Robswall Park are hilly (they do lead to “Paddy’s Hill”) and can be challenging for young children, or for people using bikes without gears. Given the hilliness, please ensure that brakes are working well, that children know how to use their brakes, and do use them. Please cycle slowly and respect pedestrians’ right of way.

The hills are worth the effort, as the views are fabulous, changing each day with the weather and the light.

1. You can bike from Robswall Park to Malahide Castle along “quiet streets (30kph zone)” of Jameson Orchard and Seamount Road – we’ve shown this as the amber line on the map. Be careful crossing The Hill and The Back Road which are busy with 50kph limits.

2. Robswall Park also provides a crucial “active travel” link between Malahide and Portmarnock. We’ve shown one of these routes in pink on the map – from Jameson Orchard to the Limetree Avenue gate in Portmarnock.

Route Details: Robswall Park Loop
Length: 2.5 km
Surface: Paved paths
Difficulty: Challenging for young children (hilly)
Segregation: Fully off-road

Route Details: Link from Malahide to Portmarnock (Jameson Orchard to Limetree Avenue)
Length: 900 metres
Surface: Paved paths
Difficulty: Challenging for young children (hilly)
Segregation: Fully off-road

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