Malahide Traffic Speeds – Have Your Say

Do you know the traffic speed permitted on your street? Are you happy with it? What about speeds permitted through the village? Now is your opportunity to speak up.
Fingal County Council has launched a consultation regarding the traffic speed limits they will be implementing across Fingal in 2020. The closing date for submissions is March 20th. You may make an individual submission and / or through your residents association.

Malahide Village Centre Traffic Speed LimitsThe current plan permits 50km/h on all streets in the village. This includes Strand Street, Old Street, Townyard Lane and St. James Terrace. (Source: Fingal County Council Speed Limit Draft Bye-Laws Revision A 2020 map 20) (Red: 50km/h; Pink 30km/h).

The Irish Road Safety Authority published the sobering statistics below on how speeding increases the risk of death

Risk of Death from RSA Ireland
  • At 30 km per hour, 1 in 10 pedestrians will die
  • At 50 km per hour, 5 in 10 pedestrians will die
  • At 60 km per hour, 9 in 10 pedestrians will die
The Malahide Community Forum discussed the council’s proposals at our monthly meeting on Monday 17th February.  Based on the RSA statistics, the forum will be making a submission asking the council to apply a 30km/h limit to the entire village area, including Strand Court, Strand Street, Old Street, Railway Avenue, New Street, Townyard Lane, St. James Terrace, Main Street from the railway bridge through The Diamond to The Grand Hotel, Church Road from The Diamond to St. Andrew’s Church.
The map below shows the proposed permitted speeds beyond the village area. Do you see your street / area? Are you and your neighbours happy with the proposed permitted speed? If so, submit your support. If not, make a submission to request a change.
Malahide Traffic Speed Limits
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