Malahide Programme of Works 2017

We have been notified of Fingal County Council’s Programme of Works 2017 for Malahide. Over €510,000 will be spent in the upcoming year on restoration and improvement works for the Malahide area.

2017 Restoration Improvement Works – Roads

R124 Church Road Malahide       175,000.00

2017 Restoration Maintenance Grants – Roads

Back Road,Malahide                       70,000.00
Yellow Walls Road,Malahide        85,000.00

Footpath Improvements 2017

Ard na Mara/ Inbhir ide                 10,000.00
Dublin Road                                      10,000.00
Malahide Road                                   5,000.00
Back Road                                            5,000.00
Millview Lawns/Court                     5,000.00
Connolly Avenue                              5,000.00
Back Road section between St. Sylvester Villas/Castlefield Manor   10,000.00

Drainage Improvements 2017

Dublin road/Malahide road           2,000
Back Road                                            2,500
Feltrim road                                       2,000
Coast road R106                                 5,000
Swords Road R106                             2,000

Operations Parks Programme of Works 2017

Broomfield Pitches:

Footpath from Car Park to Dressing Rooms       12,000.00
Purchase of bedding plants, bulb planting displays, tree planting – Agree locations with tidy towns group                                                           7,000.00
Inbhir Ide- Resurface tarmac and supply planters         5,000.00


Millview Road: Additional Ramps                                          9,000
Old Yellow Walls Road:  Reduce ramps for busses or bus friendly ramps           10,000
Estuary Walk Platform: Ramp at entrance                         6,000
The Rise:       Ramps                                                                    9,000

Pedestrian Crossings

Gannon Park/ Coast Road,Pedestrian Crossing & Anti-skid  65,000


St. Sylvester’s Church:
Change location of lay-by for bus stop from North Side of R106 to South Side of R106. 10,000

Proposed M.W.P. Public Lighting

The Bawn Grove: Install light on green               1,800.00

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