Casino and Fry Model Railway – Update!

We have received the following update on the Casino redevelopment (currently projected to be open to the public in early 2017) and share it with you here:

In early 2015 Fingal County Council appointed a tourism advisor to make an input on the re-presentation of  the Fry Model Railway Experience in the Malahide Casino. The Fry Model Railway Collection itself is now in secure storage under the care of Fingal Co Co, and itself requires curation and expert evaluation.  Initial inspections have noted that it will probably require an element of specialist conservation work prior to being put back into an exhibition.

As the Casino building is a protected structure, and has many unique features, a comprehensive survey is required. To this end a tender competition was organised to appoint surveyors. These survey works have begun. Some ground clearance works have been carried out to facilitate these works.  The survey works are now finished and a report pending to Fingal County Council. Sketch layouts for the restoration of the Casino to house the Fry Railway collection are in progress.

It is intended that the Casino will be restored in accordance with best conservation practice. A necessary first step in this will be the re-thatching of the roof.  It is intended that the Model railway collection will be housed as exhibits on the ground floor of the house, which may require a small extension to facilitate larger exhibition area and new public toilets for visitors. An outbuilding has good possibilities to be converted to a supporting use, and the external (garden) spaces upgraded for public amenity. Based on preliminary proposals the site work is likely to take 6 months to complete on site. A full design team will be appointed shortly to progress the project including other statutory consent processes.  A tender date for the construction works in Q2 2016 is anticipated with the Casino restored and  the exhibition open to the public in early 2017.

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